John Ball Zoo

The Zoo has closed for the season. We'll be open on December 5th at 10am For Christmas with the Animals! Only 4 more days!


What's black and white and read all over? Hint: It saves animals lives.This year we're asking for your help to raise the money for new digital, mobile x-ray equipment. 

John Ball Zoo is seeking donations to help purchase this lifesaving diagnostic equipment. For more information and to get involved go to the donation page.


John Ball Zoo takes an active role in conservation, not only here in Michigan, but around the world!

Take a look at our conservation page to find out what we do, and what you can do!

Members' Corner

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News You Can Use

Although the Zoo is closed for the season from November 2nd - March 12th, we will re-open for a single day on Saturday, December 5th for Christmas for the Animals.