John Ball Zoo

The Gift Shop is open daily Monday through Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm.  Saturday and Sunday the Gift Shop is open from 10:00am-4:30pm.  

Come and check out all of the new items we have for the 2017 season!

If you would like to have something shipped to you, just call 616-336-4327 and pay the small shipping charge.

Gift Shop Featured Product - Chopsticks for Salamanders

Do you know that 3.8 million trees are felled each year to supply timber for the disposable chopsticks industry?  Bring your own chopsticks when you dine out!  The deforestation for the production of disposable chopsticks is an international problem and comes witht he loss of critical animal habitat.  

Salamanders are the most abundant vertegrate in many forest floor habitats and consume a vast amount of insects and other invertebrates.  Salamanders are indicators of environmental health and help scientists better mitigate threats facing ecosystems.  You can help by refusing to use wooden chopsticks and to bring your own chopsticks when dining out.  Purchase your own reusable pair of chopsticks today in the Gift Shop!



Gifts of the Wild

Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade

You will find hand-crafted authentic African items made by the tribesman of Kenya. We also offer purses made by Artisans in India.  Check out our sculptures and figurines carved from Tagua Nuts and Sea Turtles made of marble. Proceeds go to help save Elephants and Sea Turtles.  Taste our delicious gourmet chocolate, or take home some yummy cinnamon sugar shake or coffee!  5% of the proceeds from our Red Ape Cinnamon products goes towards Orangutan conservation.  Ever wanted to write on paper made out of elephant poo?  Well now you can - come in and check out our "poo-poo" products!  

Don't pollute our lakes and rivers!  Gifts of the Wild sells Zinc free sunscreen!  As the animals would say, "We don't pee in your pool, please don't Zinc in our oceans, lakes, and rivers!" - Tropical Seas


T-Shirts and Apparel

We have T-Shirts for everyone in the family. From Adult all the way down to infant.  We have a huge variety of styles and colors to choose from!  Support your zoo by taking home one of these shirts!  Want something other than a t-shirt?  We have ladies shorts and pants as well!  Need something cozy - take home one of our hooded sweatshirts or our popular Baja Jackets!


John Ball Zoo Souvenirs

Spoons, thimbles and shot glasses, oh my!! We have everything that you can think of collecting that has our “John Ball Zoo” name on it. Looking for a way to remember your trip? Check out the patches, pins, Christmas Ornaments, key chains and everything else we could think of to put our name on!


Toys and Stuffed Animals

Need another fluffy friend? Check out our Wedding Cake looking “Plush Stage” filled with every critter you could ever imagine! From Wolverines to Cockatoos, we have it all. Does your child have another school project? Diorama perhaps? Come in and find your little plastic animal replicas here! We have 36 different themed “toobs”, and a huge variety of individual animal replicas.


Outside Seasonal Gift Carts - Open dates are weather dependent

Safari Supplies - Opening April 1

North American Gift Cart - Opening April 15

Hobby Farm Gift Cart - Opening April 1

Face Painting - Opening April 1

The Bird's Nest - Opening Memorial Weekend

Gift Bags

Planning a trip to the Zoo and need a fast gift idea for the kids? Save time and money with Pre-Ordered Gift Bags! Pre-Ordered Gift Bags are a convenient and easy way to bring home souvenirs from your day at John Ball Zoo. Order Online and your gift bags will be ready for you to pick up when you arrive to the Zoo or when you are ready to leave the Zoo. There are 4 unique options to choose from! 

Mini Zoo Animal Gift Bag - $2.00
John Ball Zoo Pencil

Stretchy Reptile

Rubber Animal Ring

Stretchy Turtle

Zoo Themed Gift Bag - $5.00
Hug Me Plush Animal

Stretchy Reptile

Alligator Clapper

Animal Print Slap Bracelet

Safari Rubber Ducky

Zoo Explorer Gift Bag - $10.00
Shark Tooth Fossil

John Ball Zoo Patch

John Ball Zoo Spiral Jotter and Pen

Carabiner Keychain/Water Bottle Holder

Zoo Lover Gift Bag - $20.00
John Ball Zoo Mug with Tiger Print

John Ball Zoo Gripper Pen

John Ball Zoo Keychain Collage of Animals

John Ball Zoo Tack Pin


Please contact us at (616) 336-4327 if you have any questions. Gift bag items may be substituted due to availability.  Minimum order is 6 bags. Must be ordered 7 days in advance.
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