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I’m very excited to announce that we have a brand new addition to the animal collection at John Ball Zoo: a striped skunk named Turnip! Since she first arrived, I have been completely captivated by her! 

The Otter Physical is a Success!


I wrote a blog a few months ago about starting voluntary injection training with our male otter Slyde. Here is an update! 

We worked with Slyde to take “practice” injections that didn’t actually break the skin in the last blog.  When he was comfortable with those, we then moved into some actual injections using just a simple saline solution.

Baboon Training


Our pair of Guinea baboons, Gondwana and Caitlyn, just started a new training program! The training of animals is important zoo wide; it assists keepers in caring more efficiently for the animals

More Room For the Penguins on Land.


For those of you familiar with our aquarium, you may have noticed an empty exhibit that is to the left of the penguin exhibit. It has housed everything from Jeffery’s Cats to Weasels to a Tegu and Kinkajous.  

Otter Injection Training


While our otters, Chumani and Slyde, may be adorable and playful on exhibit, they are not any fun to have to gather for a routine veterinarian procedure - especially Slyde, our young male.  Just like us, Slyde is a little hesitant about going into a strange place and maybe having to get a shot.