John Ball Zoo

Animal Sponsorship: Animals! Animals!

Our Animals! Animals! program provides an opportunity for you to support our animals and our mission of inspiring people to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. We care for more than 1,550 animals representing 271 species. Your sponsorship will support animals at John Ball Zoo as well as animals around the world. Our sponsor animals for 2016 are the American White Pelican, Ring-tailed Lemur, Magellanic Penguin, River Otter, Amur Tiger, Bald Eagle, African Lion, and Snow Leopard.

Want to learn more? Click here for more information on our sponsorship program.

Did you know it costs $80,000 just to feed our sponsor animals every year?

$666 per year X 2 Warthogs
$1,121 per year X 5 Pelicans
$757 per year X 31 Penguins
$998 per year X 2 Otters 
$7,300 per year X 3 Tigers 
$784 per year X 2 Bald Eagles
$5,177 per year X 4 Lions 
$1,044 per year X 3 Eastern Bongos
$1,718 per year X 1 Snow Leopard
$244 per year X 3 Lemurs