John Ball Zoo

Thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring our community to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Our animal sponsorship program: Animals! Animals!, formerly known as Footsteps to the Future, is essential to our conservation efforts! If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

African Lion

Johannah Jelks


American Bullfrog

Sharon Mosher


American White Pelican

Mary Gallagher-Eustice
Florida Dancing Birds LLC
Taylor Patin
Karilyn Frederick
Joey VandenBosch
Isabelle Kastenholz
Bruce and Charlene Horling


Amur Tiger

Joey's Tavern Family
Elizabeth VandenBosch
George and Jill Bosnjak Family
Levi Fredricks
Michelle La Mora


Bald Eagle

Richard & Susan Ilka
In memory of Pfc Emil Justian, U.S. Army WWII
Vivian Smith & Pennelope McGarvey
The Boland Family
Charles Bonnema
Tim & Helen Prindle


Eastern Bongo

  • Megan Trujillo


  • Magellanic Penguin

  • Victor Hernandez & Jenna Ruschmann
    Dwight & Margaret Peceny
    Elizabeth VandenBosch
    Kate Bailey
    Karen Parks
    Brooke Gunderson
    Lauren Hageman


  • North American River Otter

    Alex & Anna Matusik
    Joey VandenBosch
    Jack Jeffery Bol
    Carter VanBergen


Ring-Tailed Lemur

Michael & Julie Welsh
Kate Biley
Paige Brown
In memory of Gayle Booth
Judy Mckay


Snow Leopard

Isabelle Kastenholz
Joann Thompson
Ross Melinn
Mrs. Cook's class, Saranac Elementary
Ms. Van Polen's class, Saranac Elementary
Mrs. Goff''s class, Saranac Elementary 
Allyson Phillips
Tegan & Dean Carmichael


Two-toed Sloth

  • Marilyn & Bill Crawford
    Kaiti Bartholomy
    Isabelle Kastenholz
    Lisa and Lily Klaasen
    Ashlyn Hosokawa
    Kelly Timmer
    Shelby Toren
    Betty Chase
    Jerry Maul
    Veronica Chase
    In memory of Scot R. O'Connor
    Devin Bakay
    Harper Faris
    Brooke Wilson
    Kyle Irwin
    Carley & Michael Vosburg
    Tim & Helen Prindle
    Andrea Jacobson
    Brooks, Britt & Bryson Steketee
    Tyler Hardy
    Brynn Bokhart
    Katherine Olson
    Phyllis Rizzo
    Ken & Joyce Halter
    Vivian Idziak
    Anne Walberer
    Stella Grace Beard


    • Warthog

      Jamie & Ryan Duffield
      Lisa & Lily Klaasen
      Morgan Gosselin
      Auston & Molly Lumsden
      In memory of Helen & Ed Krzeminski
      Kate Bailey
      Oliver Lindeman
      Angie Hatton
      Isabelle Kastenholz
      Mary Gallagher-Eustice
      Paul & Hailey Jahn
      Hinkle Family
      Kim Boswall, Jim, Becca & Ryan Chenoweth
      Chase VanBergen
      Rose Marie Rozzano
      Ken Becker
      Parker and Landry Banks
      Kristen Fichtner and Nathan Hellwig
      Ingrid Berdo




Other Animals

Bobcat - Carla Tuma
Capybara - Jim Emelander
Chimpanzee - Putt-Putt's Bar
Chimpanzee - Drew Wright
Southern Ground Hornbill - Jana Pisani
Chilean Flamingo - The Cipra Family
Grizzly Bear - Mick & Gord Brouwer
Grizzly Bear - Weston Gosselin


Updated: 12/27/2016