John Ball Zoo

Thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring our community to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Our animal sponsorship program: Animals! Animals!, formerly known as Footsteps to the Future, is essential to our conservation efforts! If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

African Lion

Sarah Slomski
Ron & Dianna Lyons
William Smith
Katelyn Ullrey
Brendan Rabb
G Winston Burbridge
Wyatt Langejans
Dylan Hughey
McNaughton Family
Cody Couling


Amur Tiger

Joey's Tavern Family
In memory of JoAnne L Eakins
Annie Hester
Milestones Child Development Center
Eleen Collins
Molly Ullrey
Saranac Kindergarteners
Sophia Kole Kamp
Elaine Minnema
McShane & Bowie
Mark Taylor
Kim Boswell, Jim, Becca, & Ryan Chenoweth
Jeff & Kim Ridings
Aiden Cruz
Gabrielle Lobdell


Bald Eagle

SoundOff Signal
Johannah Jelks
Kara Duncan in memory of Uncle Ted
Richard & Susan Ilka
Alan Damiano
Julie Prather
McShane & Bowie
Tim & Helen Prindle
Robert Walker


Chilean Flamingo

Alicia Dennis
Beverly Jansma
Mary Gallagher-Eustice
Audrina Jane Krick


Eastern Bongo

Brian & Hannah Werth
Isabelle Kastenholz
Jameson Boyle
Paul & Hailey Jahn
Peter & Diana D'Arienzo
Samantha Albers
The Wright Family
Nancy King
Chase VanBergen
Matt & Lisa Rizzo


Grizzly Bear

Mark J. Biel
Lena & Julia Kole Kamp
McShane & Bowie
Murphy Cruz
Megan Archer
Tim & Helen Prindle
Auden & Bodhi Hutchison
Malachi Germaine


Magellanic Penguin

Calvin & Kendra VanOpstall
Nicole La Sotten
Sage Langejans
Nicole Rens
Ava Taylor
Megan Ianni


North American River Otter

McKenzie Golden
Brownie Troop 4720
In memory of Marianne Estella
Casey and Megan Mulder
Sunny Sjaarda
Robin Sorenson
Isabelle Kastenholz
Julie & Michael Welsh
McShane & Bowie
Alex & Anna Matusik
Michael & Christina Baur
Jill & Tyler Hennessey
Dorian Kosta
Tim & Helen Prindle
Nate Bailey
Megan & Hannah Purdy
Bryant Taylor
Collier Family
Veronica Chase


Red Panda

Linda DeJong
Cyndi Laird
Tori & Dan Power
June Hillelson
Elliott Kosta
Kay Romoslawski
Carter Van Bergen
Michael Brown
Lori & Dale Vogg
Brooks, Britt & Bryson Steketee
Kay Romoslawski
Rosalie Kelly
Joann Thompson
Calvin Long
Kaylee Stein
Mark Stein
Andrew Harpold
Alexandria Harpold
Victoria Shin
Lisa & Lily Klaasen
Sarah Jones
Tegan & Dean Carmichael
Jackie Fazekas
Tim & Helen Prindle
Kevin, Andrea, & Brian Jacobson
Carley & Michael Vosburg
Kayleigh Dalman
Georgia Jacques
In memory of Scot R. O' Connor
Kevin Niehoff
Audrey Gill
Emma Gill
David & Leslie Stokes
Barb Palsrok
JJ & Courtney Ornleas
Harper Faris
Pennelope McGarvey
Jessica Tamm
Wyatt Cravens
Olivia Taylor


Ring-Tailed Lemur

Eliery Boyle
Isaac Basset


Snow Leopard

Linda DeJong
Leslie & Tim Silvia
Mark Taylor
Carol Lobdell
Arianna Hineline in memory of Rebecca Bagge
Mrs. Kiss's 5th Grade Class 2016-2017
Brian S. Nylaan, D.D.S.
Grant & Anna Nysson
Abigail Briggs
Keil Lasik Vision Center
Harold & Nancy Murdock
Michael & Carley Vosburg
Caroline Crowley
Paisley & Paxton Lauderdale
Chelsey Storm
Vivian Smith
Tiffany & Rob Arwine
Hannah Taylor
Dan Meyering
Lucille Adolphson
Lillyana Hladki
Cole Schmidt


Two-toed Sloth

Marilyn & Bill Crawford
Cailyn TenHoeven
Karilyn Frederick





Other Animals

Bobcat - Carla Tuma
Capybara - Jim and Laurie Emelander
Chimpanzee - Chrisje Stam
Chimpanzee - Whitehall Headstart
Goat - Joann Thompson
Golden Eagle - Cornerstone University
Leopard Shark - Noah Raap
Macaw - Dave Kirby
Opossum - Allyson Swanson
Southern Ground Hornbill - Jana Pisani
Tapir - Joyce Halter

Updated: 1/1/2018