John Ball Zoo

Annual Fund Donors

Support for the Zoo's greatest needs by bridging the gap between our earned revenue and management fee income and the true cost to run the Zoo. We cannot fulfill our mission without your support. If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

2015 Year End Appeal

Recognized are gifts given to the 2015 Year End Appeal - Digital Radiography Equipment.


General Donation

Andrew and Sonja Acosta
In memory of Marv Adams
     Nancy Adams*
Sharon Attar and Richard Maycroft*
Char Baranowski
Arvin Heilman and Jacqueline Barter
Matt and Kristy Becker
In honor of Richard R. Bennett
     Dan and Joan Malone
Chris and Linda Bessert
Brad and Susan Bloom
Carrie Boer*
In honor of Lisa Bol
     Hyeong and Hana Kim
Jon and Joyce Bower*
John and Janet Boyles*
Trena Bresky
Brian S. Nylaan, DDS
In memory of Karen Ruth Brinker
     Brett Brinker and Heather Slay
Brooks Family Charitable Fund
Richard Brown*
George and Willa Brown
Gary Burbridge and Mary Jo Pesano*
Krys Bylund
William and Ruth Cannon*
Kevin and Kim Carey
Colin and Jill Carpenter
Roger and Sally Ciapara
Andrea Clark
Gerry and Kay Colby*
Craig and Mimi Cole
Community Foundation for Mason
     Harold D. & Alice R. Gibbs &
     Francisco & Marion R. 
     Penberthy Fund
Michelle Condon
Muriel Coursey
Betty Cudworth
Mimi Cummings*
In memory of Richard DeFouw
     Connie Doorn*
Les and Linda DeJong*
Mike DeJonge and Linda Harber
Eric Dipple
Terry and Lorraine Dolley*
In memory of Eugene Doorn
     Connie Doorn*
Mike and Lisa Dopke
In memory of Schnickelfritz Dresen
     Scott and Cindee Dresen
Jack and Cheryl Dykstra
Steve and Monica Edison
Sydney Edlund
Jackie Fazekas*
Karilyn Frederick
David and Diane Gaebel
GR Community Foundation
     David and Marilyn Hunting Fund
     Loeks Family Fund
     Tom and Mickie Fox Family Fund
Edward and Joan Groeschel
Melissa Hamby
Suzette Harden
Gerald Hausser
Paul and Nancy Heineman*
Matt and Mabel Heitmeier
In honor of John and Sandra Hodges
     Sam and Sandy Hodges
Jon and Tracey Hornbeck
Sharon and Jeffrey Hughes*
Paul and Diane Hummel
Win and Kyle Irwin
Paul and Elaine Isely*
Kathleen Jacobitz
Paul and Hailey Jahn
Daniel W. and Lucy M. Johnston
Mark and Jean Kastenholz*
Matthew and Sabrina Kind*
Lisa Klaasen
Allan and Chris Koch
Korff Foundation
David and Jeanne Kortz
Blake and Mary Krueger*
William Kudlack*
James and Marilynn Kujawa
Patty Lacey
Jodie Lambert
B. Kenneth Larm























Bill and Karen Lawrence*
Mark C Lewis and Christine Wassenaar
Thomas and Cathy Lileikis*
Joseph and Laura Macka*
In honor of Dan Malone
     Joan Malone
     Christina Malone
In memory of Harvey Marter
     Jackie Fazekas*
Leo and Kathleen Matusik
Estate of Jim McKay*
In memory of James McKay
     Mike and Sue Taylor
Erika Menyes
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Dave and Fran Miller*
Gary and Susan Milligan*
Ron and Shelley Mishler
Dan and Kathleen Molhoek
Morrison Family Foundation
Tim and Lisa Mroz
Roger and Suzanne Mumbrue
Bruce and Susie Neckers
Gary and Peg Novosad*
Nancy Nowicki
Carol Hennessy and Kenneth Nysson
Matt and Julie O'Connor
Renee Ogle
Kevin and Pat O'Neill*
Bruce and Jean Parsons
Pepsi Bottling Group
Ken and Donna Pierce
In memory of Judee St. Pierre
     Troy and Diane St. Pierre
Tower Pinkster
In memory of Tom Ploeg
     Lynne Snyder*
Joe and Mary Polonowski
James and Kathleen Ponitz
Roselyn Raap
In honor of Kathy Reed
      Carol Kirk
In memory of Riley
     Janet Scheeringa
Eric and Deborah Rodegher
David and Sue Rose
Debra Ryan*
Robert and Nancy Scott*
Jim and Susie Sebastian*
Margaret Sharp
Russ and Dawn Sjaarda
Aric Smith and Laura Fogle
Stan and Cyndy Stek
Brenda and Earl Stringer*
Estate of L. Gordon and
     Rosalynn Stuart
Vickie Sjaarda and Eric Sumner*
Steve and Lynn Surdock
Craig and Susan Swanson*
Jim Swarts
Steele and Mary Taylor
Rita Taylor*
Eric and Kim Teachout
Roger and Linda Thomas*
In honor of David Thompson
     Tom and Susan Godlewski
John and Cheryl Tully
Mike and Karen Unruh
In honor of U.S. Veterans
     Paul and Beth Kidd
In honor of William and Sondra VanderGeld
     Kenneth Peterson
Gary and Shirley Voogt*
Harold and Joanne Voorhees*
Roy and Starr Waddell
Scott and Deb Walsh
Jack and Barbara Weigle
Paul and Sherrie Weller
Michael and Julie Welsh*
Bob and Jean Wenzel
Brian and Hannah Werth
George and Susan Whinery
Greg and Meg Willit
Wayne and Yvonne Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Richard Wood and Lisa Anderson-Zetye
Michael and Mary Yoak
David and Kathleen Young
Bill Zinser























Barbara Boorn*
Muriel M. Coursey
Betty Cudworth*
Terry and Lorraine Dolley*
Chris and Stacy Emmert
Scott and Jenn Groendyke*
Suzette Harden
Paul and Nancy Heineman*
Dorothy Ibershof
J. Crew
Robert and Virginia Klinesteker*
Donna McCaffrey
Michigan Council for
     Arts and Cultural Affairs 
Rosalie and Richard Miller
National Endowment for the Arts
Linda Patterson
Timothy and Donna Porritt
PPG Industries Inc
Shelley and Dan Schmidt
Dolores Schroeder*
Jim Sebastian*
Philip Shangraw
Julie and James Thrower
Cat and Roger Timermanis
James and Debra Watson
Susan Wold
Rob Zaagman
John and Kathy Zuiderveen


Digital Signage in Treasure of the Tropics
Morrison Family Foundation


Endowment Fund
Twink Frey*


Fold-up Gurney
National Christian Foundation
     V. Sunny Sjaarda Giving Fund 


John Ball Zoo Family Nature Club
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Disney Conservation Fund


Tree Planting Grant Program
DTE Energy Foundation


Honor and Memorial Gifts

In memory of David Dill
     A. Jeffrey Schreur
     Coldwell Banker AJS - Schmidt

In memory of Hugh and Gloria Federer
     Sandra and Terrence Heller
     Nanette and John Long
     Dave and Fran Miller*

In memory of Scott Hill
     Bessey Tool & Die, Inc.
     Stefan Hill
     Jerald and Laura Ross

In honor of Kyle Irwin
     Kevin and Pat O'Neill*

In memory of Jim McKay
     Eleanor Bryant
     Win and Kyle Irwin
     Judy McKay
     Sunny Sjaarda
     Brenda and Earl Stringer*
     Mike and Sue Taylor

In memory of Phyllis Petrovich
     Nancy Adams*
     W. Alan and Lou Adsmond
     Jude Avery*
     Daniel and Susan Bilbey
     Barbara Boorn*
     William and Ruth Cannon*
     Thomas Carter and Barbara
     Joyce Carter and Susan Rexford
     Marjory French
     Peggy Gilstad
     William and Therese Hooker
     Barbara Meyer
     J Regan and Kristine O'Neill
     William and Jackie Perry
     Sara and Derek Petrovich-Boven
     Gary and Joyce Reid*
     Alan and Lora Shillair
     Sunny Sjaarda
     Betty Sobel
     Brenda and Earl Stringer*
     Jim Swarts
     John and Valerie Tinay
     Rachele Wahlfield
     Tom and Nancy Washburne
     Russell and Pamela Yuhas

In memory of Precious
     Tom Betz

In honor of Jennah Spencer
     Jeremy and Sarah Clymer

In memory of Dona Workman
     Mary Anne Rewa

In honor of Emi Zuidema
     Jeremy and Sarah Clymer