John Ball Zoo

Species Survival Plan - SSP

As an accredited organization with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), John Ball Zoo participates in the Species Survival Plan (SSP). There are over 450 different SSP programs created to cooperatively manage species that are threatened or endangered. Each program is managed by an advisory group made up of animal experts. SSP programs not only help to manage animal populations in captivity but also help contribute to field conservation efforts, species recovery, and veterinary care for wildlife diseases. Look for the SSP symbol on animal signage the next time you visit the zoo to see if your favorite animal is part of this great program working to protect animals from extinction. 

Far Side Trail & Red's Hobby Farm


Red-necked Wallaby
Ring-Tailed Lemur
N American Porcupine
Azure-winged Magpie

North America


Spotted Turtle
Wood Turtle
N American River Otter
Snow Leopard


South America


Maned Wolf
Southern Screamer
South American Tapir
Chilean Flamingo
White-faced Saki Monkey


Forest Realm


Amur Tiger



Eastern Mountain Bongo
African White-backed Vulture
Southern Ground Hornbill
Black and White Colobus Monkey

Treasures of the Tropics


Black-headed Spider Monkey
Howler Monkey
Black Footed Cat
Cotton-top Tamarin
Goeldi's Monkey
Prehensile-tailed Skink
Mexican Bearded Lizard
Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
Spotted Turtle
Wood Turtle

Living Shores Aquarium


Red-crested Cardinal
Magellanic Penguin