John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo's Historical Timeline: 1910 to 1948



John Ball Park Pavilion dedicated. The new park pavilion was built on an area where the park’s conservatory and greenhouses had previously stood. The building currently houses the Zoo’s administrative offices and GRPS Zoo School.


Grizzly Bear and wolf were added.


John Ball statue installed and dedicated.


Charles Lindbergh visits to throngs of admirers. Flew Spirit of St. Louis to GR two months after his trans-Atlantic record breaking flight. Addressed the crowd about the future of aviation.


Some of the animals were dispersed during the Depression to other zoos-only small group of animals remained. Zoo correspondence from the 1930’s refers to quite a few animal purchases in 1929-32, then letters referring to food costs and efforts to keep animals and increase zoo budget. There were sales of some of the animals later in the 30’s. There is documentation that the Zoo also boarded animals for the DNR during the 1930’s. The Park seems to have remained busy with concerts and events.  


Once the World War II is over, city residents begin to protest decline of park and zoo.