John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo's Historical Timeline: 1971 to 1979



New Zoo entrance.

Animal Care Center built.

Jerry Ford donates a Chincoteague pony to Zoo.

Kiwanis Kannonball Express begins operation. At this time the Kiwanis North operated the admissions at the Zoo and they operated the Kannonball.


New Concession Plaza.


Otters join our collection.

Tiger cubs born at the Zoo.

Mary Roth hired to create education programs and train volunteers.


Lion and Tiger Exhibits built.

Volunteer Program began with assistance from Junior League. Sandy Wooldridge was named president of Zoo Doers. Sandy helped start and was first president of the Zoo Doer’s. The current volunteer of the year award was named after her when she passed away.  


GR Public Schools establishes Zoo School at John Ball Zoo.


Beloved elephant dies, city mourns.


A Zoo Master Plan is created by the City and the Zoo Society

Society names Sandy Gibbs their first female president.

Adventure World opens. The lead donor was the LV Eberhard who had been the lead donor for the original children’s Zoo.

A Rose Garden planted on roof of Special Exhibits building (now Tropics).