John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo's Historical Timeline: 1990 to 2000



1st RendeZoo held.


Zoo hosts Dinamation Exhibit with record attendance (415,000).

First eagle chick hatched from Betty and Jerry. The Zoo’s pair of bald eagles have produced five chicks over the years. All have been taken to the Dollywood Eagle Rehabilitation Center in Tennessee for release into the wild.


Zoo Society announces $4 million in gifts to kick off a $20 million campaign to complete Phase II and III of the Zoo Master Plan including the aquarium, African hoof stock, hospital, eagle exhibit, new plaza area, concessions, elephant exhibit, and new front entry.


Rare Maned wolf pups born.


Zoo receives grizzly bear from Yellowstone.


Van Andel Living Shores Aquarium, Meijer Eagle exhibit, and new plaza concessions opens. (Replaced old aquarium, conservatory, concessions, plaza, raccoon exhibit).


African Forest Edge Exhibit opens. This concluded Phase II of Master Plan.

Ruth Jones joins Zoo Society Board of Directors and helps launch the JUMP program for economically disadvantaged families. This program grew from 1000 participants to over 36.000 by 2015. In 1998, JUMP program receives National Association of Counties Achievement Award and award from Neighborhood Alliance.


Animal Hospital and Quarantine Facility opens.

Renovation of hilltop stone picnic pavilion, bathrooms, new park road and parking lot in upper park.

Project Receives an achievement award from Neighborhood Alliance.

Construction Begins on Chimpanzee Exhibit.


Grand Rabbits Promotion.

Zoo receives AZA Conservation award for work with Wyoming Toads.