John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo's Historical Timeline: 2001 to 2009



Peter and Pat Cook Mokomboso Valley Chimpanzee Exhibit opens.

The Master Plan was reviewed and revised in 2000-2001 and was approved by the County Commission in December. 

A local philanthropist, Fred Meijer, offered the Zoo 150 acres of land and a monetary pledge for a new wildlife park. This was explored and a vote of the citizens of Kent County in August of 2004 determined that the majority of the voters wanted the Zoo to continue to grow at its present location.


In June, Zoo Director, John Lewis, resigns to take Director position at LA Zoo and Brenda Stringer, Executive Director of the Zoo Society, was named Interim Zoo Director.


Moon Jellies Exhibit opens.


Komodo Dragon Exhibit opens in the "Year of the Dragon" as a trail behind the aquarium for “dragons”. The Komodo Dragon received from National Zoo was one of the dragons born in first clutch hatched in USA.

New Vision for John Ball Zoo presented to Commission and approved.

Far Side Trail opens with walk through wallabies and budgies.


Stingray Lagoon opens.


First zip line in a Zoo anywhere opens.


BISSELL Lions of Lake Manyara opens.


Renovation of Spider Monkey Island completed.

Zoo closes for the first time in the winter.