John Ball Zoo

John Ball Park is an official ArtPrize Venue in 2022


Beginning Thursday, September 15th, two ArtPrize exhibits will be hosted in John Ball Park including Washed Ashore sculptures and Disc Art, another re-purposed material exhibit by scrap metal artist, Stacy Rhines. The exhibits can be seen in the park and do not require Zoo admission, however you are always welcome to stop in and see more of the Washed Ashore collection as well as another form of art- the animals. Washed Ashore will be at John Ball Zoo until November 11th.

Washed Ashore

 The Washed Ashore Project creates powerful art that captivates all ages and   teaches environmental conservation and sustainability. The Washed Ashore   Traveling Exhibits feature collections of intricate, beautifully designed, giant sea   life sculptures made entirely of marine debris collected from beaches. The   sculptures of marine life graphically illustrate the tragedy of plastic pollution in our   oceans and waterways and to encourage conservation.


Disc Art

Disc Art is an interactive Disc Golf course featuring 9 scrap metal feautres. Guests are invited to play the course for free and explore the large-scale art works. Discs will be provided or you are welcome to bring your own.

"All art is interactive but, physically interactive art really seems to draw strangers together. Art that reaches outside to a profession or sport also seems to have a special way of drawing people together and sometimes creating interest in art for some who may not yet realize they appreciate art. The exhibit I have created is all of these things. I had the idea for this project about five years ago, but this past winter was the first one where I actually had enough time to commit to the challenge. It is a disc golf course that uses standard disc golf discs, but each of the five goals are a metal art sculptures made from repurposed steel, that the attendees of ArtPrize will actually be able to play! Each of the goals are different and fun in their own way. Disc golf can be challenging, however my vision is to   place the tee and the goal about 80 feet apart, much less than a normal course, this will make it enjoyable for all." - Stacy Rhines



ArtPrize is an open, independently organized international art competition and festival. The 18-day event turns Grand Rapids, Michigan into an open playing field for art and creative expression. At ArtPrize, everyone is invited to find a voice in the conversation about what art is and why it matters. It’s unorthodox, highly disruptive, and undeniably intriguing to the art world and the public alike.