John Ball Zoo

Conservation at John Ball Zoo

Conservation education is at the core of the Zoo’s mission and we strive to provide opportunities for our guests and partners to grow their knowledge, appreciation, and support of wildlife conservation.

What We Do


Field Conservation Projects

John Ball Zoo keepers participate with efforts in Michigan to help save local species.

Wildlife Conservation Fund

Created in 1985, John Ball Zoo's Wildlife Conservation Fund has helped fund over 100 projects in over 30 countries worldwide. 

Species Survival Plan

John Ball Zoo collaborates with other AZA accredited zoos and aquariums to conserve populations of endangered species. 

John Ball Zoo Goes Green

Find out what John Ball Zoo does to help the enviornment in our daily operations. 


Identify Michigan frogs and toads and listen for them in your back yard, record the data, and help scientists study populations.

Monarch Butterflies 

Learn about Monarchs and what you can do to help on Monarch Day!

Sponsor an Animal

Support our animals and those in the wild.