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Wildlife Conservation Fund

For thirty years the John Ball Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Fund has helped fund over 100 projects. These projects have helped conserve wildlife and wild places in more than 30 countries.

Many projects funded by the Wildlife Conservation Fund have been education based with an eye to helping communities learn about the wildlife around them. In addition, the fund has lent support to help conserve some of the lesser known taxa such as endangered reptiles and amphibians.

Animals native to Michigan have garnered special attention from the Wildlife Conservation Fund and conservation fund monies have supported projects ranging from installing interpretive graphics at Palomita Reserve in Grand Haven, Michigan to characterizing what bacteria are normally found in salamander habitats in the Great Lakes region.

When John Boyles had the insight in 1985 to start the Conservation Fund here at John Ball Zoo he was truly visionary. Over the years his vision has been turned into a wonderful reality of support for conservation throughout the world. 

Apply for a Conservation Grant

The deadline for 2018 grant applications is Midnight EST, September 9, 2019. 

The Committee has created a new application form in an effort to is make the management of the process more efficient for the reviewers, grant award distribution better aligned with the research season, and the criteria more closely connected to the Zoo’s goals and its mission.

Please click to download our grant form:
John Ball Zoo Conservation Fund Application 2019 - Word
John Ball Zoo Conservation Fund Application 2019 - PDF
John Ball Zoo Budget Template - Excel
John Ball Zoo Budget Template - PDF

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