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Wildlife Conservation Fund FAQ

Due to the fact that the criteria and the application process is currently under review, some of these answers may change for 2019. Please watch for the new application and FAQ to be posted on our website on April 1, 2019. Thank you.

Are hard copy applications accepted?

Hard copy applications are no longer accepted.

Will the fund support development and construction of animal exhibits and graphics?

No. The fund will not support exhibit development, construction of exhibits or graphics development for AZA accredited facilities or (in general) facilities located in North America. We may support exhibit development/graphics in range countries dependent upon the merits of the application.

Does the fund support "overhead" costs?


Will the fund support travel?

Travel for the principal investigator and other collaborators are considered on a case by case basis. Travel for training of teachers, wildlife biologists, technicians, etc. is funded based upon the merits of the application.

Should letters of support be submitted separately?

No. Please include these letters with your application materials. If this is not possible the letter should clearly state the name of the project as well as the principal investigator.

How much can I expect to receive if a grant is awarded?

Amounts are generally in the range of $500 to $2500 per award.

When will grants be announced?

The next round of awards will be announced in December of 2019.

How will I be notified if I receive an award?

Award recipients are notified via email. Other applicants are notified via email (if an email address is submitted with an application).