John Ball Zoo

Core Education Topics

John Ball Zoo's Wild Encounter, Zoo Explorer Tour and Traveling Zoo Programs are designed to teach the following science topics to your students. Other, more customized programs are also available upon request. Zoo Explorer Tours please choose from topics marked with asterisks **.

Preschool-K Core Topics

Body Coverings: Experience the furry, feathery and scaly side of the animal world and learn why animals have these amazing coverings.

Michigan Wildlife: Explore the wild side of Michigan and learn more about the animals that might be right in your backyard.

Animal Senses: Explore your own senses as well as those that animals use to survive.

**Animal Essentials: Learn animals' basic needs and how they satisfy these needs to survive.

1st - 3rd Grade Core Topics

**Animal Classification: Students learn how scientists group and classify animals based on their similarities and differences.

Growing Up Wild: We'll explore animals, their young and how they each grow up differently. 

Habitats: Learn the basic needs of animals and how they meet those needs in the different types of habitats, from deserts to wetlands.

4th Grade and Above Core Topics

**Animal Adaptations: Get an up-close look at the amazing physical and behavioral adaptations animals use to survive.

Predator-Prey: Learn about adaptations that help predators find prey and how potential prey avoid being eaten while exploring the relationships these animals have with each other.

**Connections: Learn to recognize the connections between animals and plants, and how they effect the flow of energy through an ecosystem. 

**Wildlife Conservation: Learn what you can do and what others are doing to help protect wildlife and their habitats around the world.