John Ball Zoo

Library Travel Zoo


Bring your 2018 Libraries program to life with John Ball Zoo! Our educators will focus on all the amazing vocalizations animals can make, and also focus on some animals that are more quiet than a mouse. Please indicate your theme choice on your program request form. For more ideas of topics we could present see our Core Education Topics.  

John Ball Zoo’s Library Traveling Zoo Program consists of a 45-60 minute live animal presentation with animal biofacts (i.e. skulls, fur, turtle shells, etc.) and take-home bookmark. Specific animals cannot be requested but each program can expect a mammal, a bird, and two reptiles or amphibians. Programs are available year round to all public libraries and are best suited for individuals 5 years of age and up. We recommend the number of participants to be 150 or less.

Program fees are $95 per program plus an additional $1.00 per mile travel fee (includes mileage and staffing cost). We have adjusted the pricing structure to align with the price of other JBZoo traveling zoos done for schools and community groups. Library animal presentations will now feature FOUR of our animal ambassadors.

Please return the Library Travel Zoo request form below to Please direct questions to the Education Department at 616-336-4300.