John Ball Zoo

Virtual Zoo Lab

Immerse your students in a weeklong program created to bring science standards to life while also weaving in creative writing, scientific observation, and more. 

    Program Components

    Synchronous Programs - teachers choose 5 Zoo Educator led programs that align best with their curriculum. Examples include; exhibit design, enrichment design, adaptations, and classification, along with many others. 

    Asynchronous Programs - the Zoo has created 3 in-depth behind the scenes tours, guiding students through the Zoo Commissary, Vet Hospital, and behind the scenes Aquarium. Animal Observations are done daily to tie in scientific observation as well as creative writing. Observations are facilitated through 3 virtual 360º exhibit tours of the brown bear, meerkat, and red panda exhibits as well as additional Zoo Insider videos. 

    Classroom Kits - if you are in the classroom with your students you have the option of utilizing additional materials for lessons including exhibit design kits, penguineering kits, biological artifacts (i.e. skulls, feathers, shells, etc), and materials to conduct a Great Migration learning game. *Delivery is included in price within a 30 mile radius of JBZ.  

    Sample Schedule

    Pricing & Registration

    Base Fee: $700 for 2 classrooms. Includes 5 synchronous programs, access to all asynchronous videos and supplemental materials, access to all 3 360º exhibit tours, and classroom kits. Addtional classrooms may add on synchronous videos for a fee of $75/video for up to 2 classrooms each.

    Please contact Rhiannon Mulligan, Education Program Manager, directly if interested in booking this program.     616-336-4301 x3001.