John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo Gem Company


found in the North East Region

Pan for your very own gems in our brand new Sluice!  Choose from 3 different Gem Bags and then pour them into your screen to reveal your treasures.

Pay Dirt Bag ($8.99) - Comes with 6 ounces of Gemstone Mix
Emerald Strike Bag ($14.99) - Comes with 6 ounces of Gemstones, and 3 ounces of emeralds
Motherlode Bag for ($29.99) - Comes with a little bit of everything including: Gemstone mix, Fossil Mix, Shark Teeth, Arrowheads, and a large piece of Amethyst Druzy. 

Stop by to explore and see what treasures you can find.

Prices Public Member
Pay Dirt Bag $8.99 $7.19
Emerald Strike Bag $14.99 $11.99
Motherlode Bag $29.99 $23.99