John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo Gem Company

Closed for the Season

found in the North East Region

Pan for your very own gems in our brand new Sluice!  Choose from 3 different Gem Bags and then pour them into your screen to reveal your treasures.

Pay Dirt Bag ($8.99) - Comes with 6 ounces of Gemstone Mix
Emerald Strike Bag ($14.99) - Comes with 6 ounces of Gemstones, and 3 ounces of emeralds
Motherlode Bag for ($29.99) - Comes with a little bit of everything including: Gemstone mix, Fossil Mix, Shark Teeth, Arrowheads, and a large piece of Amethyst Druzy. 

Stop by to explore and see what treasures you can find.

Prices Public Member
Pay Dirt Bag $8.99 $8.09
Emerald Strike Bag $14.99 $13.49
Motherlode Bag $29.99 $26.99