John Ball Zoo

Projects Supported

Since 1985, thanks to the support from John Boyles and Dick Faber, John Ball Zoo has been supporting conservation efforts across the globe to help save animals from extinction. We have supported programs through annual grants and are now moving toward long-term strategic partnerships that align with our conservation strategy. These programs are funded by the generous support of our Animals! Animals! sponsors, donors, and guests that visit and support the Zoo each and every day.


Tsavo Cheetah Project


This project works to scientifically inform the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Kenyan Highway Authority...

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Forsten's Tortoise


Combined with severe habitat destruction and current and historic collection for pet and bushmeat...

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Lion Recovery Fund


The Lion Recovery Fund’s goal is to double the number of lions by 2050 through deeper and broader...

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Red Panda Network


The global red panda population has declined by 50% over the last 20 years. There may be as few as...

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