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Limbe Wildlife Center in Partnership with Community Based Green Project - Cameroon


The Green Project is a long-term community-based project that aims at generating new alternative incomes for local community, while providing high-value foods that enhance the diet, health and well-being of the numerous Primates rehabilitated at the Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC), therefore contributing to better prepare them for being released into the wild. In this project, 97 permanent members of the community of Batoke village (of which 63% women) are organized in a self-managed village cooperative Association working together in partnership with the LWC and providing the LWC with cultivated and wild plants three times a week. Ultimately, these incomes encourage the villagers to reduce the pressure on the surrounding wildlife of the Mount Cameroon National Park and allow them to enhance both education and health care to their children. The partnership also represents a great opportunity to sensitize and engage the community, including their children, to protect wildlife and to feel involved in by organizing workshop, discussion and visit of the Limbe Wildlife Centre.