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Tiger Conservation Campaign


Accredited zoos across North America are mobilizing to raise awareness about wild tigers and funding for their survival. The Tiger Conservation Campaign is coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Tiger Species Survival Plan. The Tiger SSP’s Tiger Conservation Campaign supports projects that directly address threats to wild tigers. John Ball Zoo’s support focuses on Amur Tiger conservation projects. Amur tigers are the largest cats in the world.  Sadly, they are also one of the most endangered.  Amur tigers are native to the forests of the Russian Far East and northeast China.  Only around 500 wild Amur tigers remain, almost all in the Russian Far East.  The number one threat to their survival is poaching of tigers and their prey.  Habitat loss and infectious diseases also threaten the Amur tiger. 

In national parks and wildlife reserves in the Russian Far East, our Campaign supports the Wildlife Conservation Society’s efforts to curb poaching. At the heart of these efforts is a strategy that holds anti-poaching teams accountable for their work, provides incentives to those that do a good job and empowers wildlife managers with information to improve patrolling.  Through our support of the Tiger Conservation Campaign, we are helping rangers and project staff who dedicate their lives to protecting tigers.

In unprotected areas of the Russian Far East, the Campaign also supports efforts to work with logging companies to close unneeded forest roads, to prevent poachers from accessing important areas used by Amur tigers.  The number and extent of roads in Amur tiger habitat have exploded in recent decades. 

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