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Red Panda Network


The global red panda population has declined by 50% over the last 20 years. There may be as few as 2,500 remaining in the wild. Founded by Brian Williams in 2007, Red Panda Network has become a world leader in efforts to protect red pandas and their habitat. They use an integrated, landscape-level approach to conservation that is built on the support and participation of local communities. 

Red Panda Network (RPN) is the world’s first nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting red pandas. We work with local communities in Nepal to serve as active partners in the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat. 

John Ball Zoo sponsors RPN forest guardians every year. RPN works closely with local communities to develop conservation programs that help support their economic well-being and preserve the environment. The Forest Guardian program is the centerpiece of their efforts. Forest Guardians work with their communities to monitor and protect red panda habitats and educate their communities. 

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