John Ball Zoo

Habitat Hero

Join John Ball Zoo in being a Habitat Hero. Choosing native plants like trees, shrubs, and pollinator plants help wildlife by providing important habitat like food and shelter. Native plants are often preferred by insects and may even be required for many insects to survive - like milkweed for caterpillars of the Monarch Butterfly! Join us as we engage with our community to help provide these valuable plants to community members and become a Habitat Hero. John Ball Zoo will be out in the community throughout the 2022 season providing free trees, shrubs, and pollinator plants. Below is additional information about these plants, including how to plant them, how to care for them, as well as the wildlife you can expect to benefit from them. We'll also be posting about upcoming events and ways to join us in celebrating wildlife and wild spaces!

Native Trees & Shrubs

*We'll be planting more information here soon for plants provided at Party for the Planet. 

American Basswood


Tulip Tree

White Pine

Jack Pine

Witch Hazel


Highbush Cranberry

Upcoming Events

Party For The Planet - Join us at John Ball Zoo on Saturday, April 23 to celebrate Earth Day, it's a party for the planet!