John Ball Zoo

Zoo Vet Class ....for Kids!!!

Summer time is an exciting time at the zoo. The animals are finally all back on exhibit after the long winter, the weather is nice, the sun is shining

and Zoo Camp is up and running. The JBZ Education team offers a wide variety of opportunities for

students of every age during the Summer. As wonderful as these various classes are, our personal favorite

in the veterinary department is obviously Zoo Vet 101!!

Zoo Vet 101 is a two-day camp offered for students in the 7th-9th grade to come learn more about what it takes to become and to be a zoo vet. They 

get to meet with the vet staff, tour the animal hospital and practice some of the skills we utilize every day here at the zoo. This camp is offered once/month during June, July and August. Here are some photos from an excellent group of campers we had visit with us during the month of June!