John Ball Zoo

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

The John Ball Zoo has been busy getting ready for the annual ‘Christmas for the Animals’ event happening on December 6th from 10am – 3pm.  It is a super fun event where visitors get a visit with Santa and his reindeer, enjoy the work of an ice-sculptor and participate in some fun kid’s activities - BUT – it’s all FREE if you bring a donation of an animal enrichment item!   This is a great way visitors can help the animals celebrate Christmas!  

When you attend Christmas for the animals, you may see the chimpanzees and tigers get some very special presents to attack open or maybe the monkeys getting toys!  In fact, you'll see all kinds of animals get in on the fun during Christmas For The Animals!  How do the spider monkeys  get the peanut butter out of  a Kong toy ?  Some use their fingers, some use tongues, and some are smart enough to use a stick so they don’t get dirty!

Here is a list of the much needed items!  We ask that all items are unopened and not beyond their expiration date.

Dried Fruits – Granola Bars (all natural) – Dog Treats –Unsweetened Cereal – Mixed nuts in the shell (unsalted)– Unflavored gelatin – Spices and Herbs - Cooking Extracts – Peanut Butter – Graham Crackers – Saltine Crackers (unsalted) – Mustard – BBQ Sauce – Salad Dressings – Pickles – Salsa – Canned Cat Food – Honey


Non-food Items:

Cuttle Bones – Carabineer Clips – Hunting Lures – Socks – Paper Cups – Parrot Toys – Small Bird Toys – Fire Hose – Suet Feeders – Coconut Husk Bedding – Aspen Bedding – Wood Wool – Perfumes

Still want to help celebrate Christmas but cannot make it out that day?   Check out the John Ball Zoo’s ENRICHMENT ITEMS wish list on (  It has plenty of items the zoo would love to have, from necessities like carabineer clips -to hang toys in enclosures, to wind chimes -a new and exciting sound to a snow leopard and even some of the uncommon items like wood wool -a type of bedding that the lions LOVE!  They carry it around and make beds with it.  

You can even do more for the zoo and do all of your Amazon shopping from out Amazon Smile account. At no extra cost to you, Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to the John Ball Zoo, allowing us to continue to provide the animals with their favorite items year round!