John Ball Zoo

Kid's Night Out

Parents enjoy a kid free evening and kids enjoy a zoo adventure! Skip the hassle of finding a sitter and send kids over to the zoo for a fun filled evening. Kids will experience a twilight tour of the zoo, a live animal encounter, crafts, stories, games and more. Pizza dinner is included. Participants must be 4-10 years of age. Kids may be grouped according to age for certain activities. 

$25/child, $20 for each additional child living in the same household.  

Register  Please note that age requirements have changed for this program. Registration will open August 1, 2018.  

Fall 2018

Friday, August 24, 5:30pm-9:00pm - Bug Eat Bug World
Explore the insect world with us as we learn about different insects and animals who eat insects!  
Friday, September 21, 5:30pm-9:00pm - Tropics Ahoy!
Arr matey, it's a pirate's life for ye as we cast off to the tropical rainforest. We'll search for treasure and discover the treasure trove of animals that make their home in a tropical paradise.  
Friday, October 19, 5:30pm-9:00pm - Toy Making For Animals
Animals prefer paper boxes and puzzle feeders to Legos and video games. Join us as we make special enrichment items to keep the animals mentally and physically healthy. 
Friday, November 16, 5:30pm-9:00pm - Things that Go Bump in the Night
We'll shed light on who's making all that night time ruckus in the woods as we explore all things nocturnal!
Friday, November 30, 5:30pm-9:00pm - Major Migrators
It's about time for many animals to head South for the winter. We'll play games and explore the zoo to learn how our animals stay warm during chilly winter months and which animals brave the cold.