John Ball Zoo

Kid's Night Out

Parents enjoy a kid free evening and kids enjoy a zoo adventure! Skip the hassle of finding a sitter and send kids over to the zoo for a fun filled evening. Kids will experience a twilight tour of the zoo, a live animal encounter, crafts, stories, games and more. Pizza dinner is included. Participants must be 4-10 years of age. Kids may be grouped according to age for certain activities. 

$25/child, $20 for each additional child living in the same household.  Program runs from 5:30pm-9:00pm. 


Spring 2019

Friday, March 15 - Who's Hoot'n - Learn who's hoot'n in teh woods outside your back door as we explore the world of Michgian owls. We'll meet John Ball Zoo's barn owls, learn how to mimic a screech owl, and dissect owl pellets to discover what everyone's been eating for dinner!  
Friday, April 19 - Under the Sea -  Dive in with us as we explore the world of Magellanic penguins, discover who's lurking in the kelp forest, and learn about those underwater amphibians - Caecilians. 
Friday, May 17 - Wild and Rare - Explore the world of rare and exotic animals as we learn about endangered animals like Snow Leopards, Golden Mantella frogs, and Bali Myna. 
Friday, June 7 - Night Hikers - Did you know that Michigan is home to some incredible creatures? High through the zoo and compare your night vision to that of the owl or opossum as we learn about our nocturnal neighbors.