John Ball Zoo

Kid's Night Out

Parents enjoy a kid free evening and kids enjoy a zoo adventure! Skip the hassle of finding a sitter and send kids over to the zoo for a fun filled evening. Kids will experience a twilight tour of the zoo, a live animal encounter, crafts, stories, games and more. Pizza dinner is included. Participants must be 4-10 years of age. Kids may be grouped according to age for certain activities. 

$25/child, $20 for each additional child living in the same household.  Program runs from 5:30pm-9:00pm. 

Register Registration has currently been suspended until April 14. 

Spring 2020

Friday, April 17 - Noses Know - Animals use their snouts of all shapes and sizes to sniff out different things. Discover how those noses know all in this fun sensory exploration. 
Friday, May 1 - Fantastic Frogs - Join the frenzy as we search for frogs here at John Ball Zoo. We'll visit our wild areas and listen for who's croaking, peeping, or ribbiting. Explore the frog exhibit at night to discover some fantastic frogs and their friends!  
Friday, May 22 - Animal Architects - Animals are the original architects and many build themselves some fantastic homes. After we've toured the zoo to check out some architects we'll put our building skills to the test as we create animal habitats of our own. 
Friday, June 5 - Tall Tails - Humans can spin some tall tales but animals have some of the best tails. Learn how lemurs fight with their tails, the many uses of the snow leopard's tail, and discover just how long a snake's tail really is.