John Ball Zoo

Sprouts Series

Sprouts Series are for the youngest zoo enthusiast. These classes are designed for the child only and offer a fun, enriching learning environment where 3 and 4 year olds can explore the animal world. Classes include songs, games, a zoo tour, an up-close animal encounter, a craft activity, a light snack and more. Class sizes are strictly limited to provide a safe and fun learning environment. Student to teacher ratios are 5:1. **All children must be completely self-sufficient in the bathroom. Diapers and pull-ups are not permitted. 

$18/Member/class  $20/Non-Member/class  Thursdays & Fridays, 9:00am-11:30am


Spring 2019

March 7, 8: Animal ABC's - Give me an "A!" give me a, "B!" Give me a "C!" Exploring the world of animals is endlessly fun. Why not add some early literacy skills? We will be meeting animals on exhibit and having up close animal encounters in the classroom. An animal that begins with, "A?" Amphibian! "B?" Bears! "C?" Capybara! There are so many animals and letters to learn! The Sprouts will go on an alphabet safari!

March 14, 15: Animal 123's - You can count on animals to fascinate young children. Some animals are easy to count because they'd rather be alone. But have you ever tried to count the fish in a school, the stripes on a tiger, or the flamingos in a flock? We are going to give it a try, come count with us! 

March 21, 22: Move with the Animals - Getting to see the animals moving around is one of the best expereinces at the zoo or in the wild. Kids love to move too. This week we will move around the zoo looking for animals on the move and then try out our own moves at the zoo playground!

March 28, 29: Animal Tales - How do animals communicate with each other? Can they use words, like we do? We will look, listen, and learn ways that some different animals communicate with other animals and with people too.