John Ball Zoo

Sprouts Series

Sprouts Series are for the youngest zoo enthusiast. These classes are designed for the child only and offer a fun, enriching learning environment where 3 and 4 year olds can explore the animal world. Classes include songs, games, a zoo tour, an up-close animal encounter, a craft activity, a light snack and more. Class sizes are strictly limited to provide a safe and fun learning environment. Student to teacher ratios are 5:1. **All children must be completely self-sufficient in the bathroom. Diapers and pull-ups are not permitted. 

$18/Member/class  $20/Non-Member/class  Thursdays & Fridays, 9:00am-11:30am

Register  *Registration for Fall will open August 1, 2018. 

Fall 2018

Just Like Me Animal Safari - Sprouts learn about different animals by comparing and contrasting with themselves. 

September 13, 14: Animals That Love to Play
Just like kids like to play, so do some animals. Learn about how and why different animals play.  
September 20, 21: Colorful Clues
Kids like to use lots of colors when they draw. We'll explore the zoo and use lots of colors to draw our most colorful animals.  
September 27, 28: Curious Creatures
Learn about how different animals learn things from each other and from experience, just like human kids do. 
October 4, 5: Our Home, Our Habitat
Just like kids, animals have homes too. Examine how different animals have different features to survive in their habitats. 
October 11, 12: Staying Safe
Kids have to stay safe and so do animals. Learn about ways that animals stay safe in the wild. 
October 18,19: Favorite Foods
Learn about some of the favorite foods the animals have, just like kids do!  
October 25, 26: So Sleepy
Animals need sleep too. Learn about animals that sleep at night like we do and those who sleep during the day. 
November 1, 2: Cute and Cuddly
Just like kids start out as babies, so do animals and both have parents who take care of them in different ways. Learn about how different animals act as parents. 
November 8, 9: Transformers
Kids love super heroes and toys that change into other things. Meet animals that have super abilities or can change shape/transform. 
November 15, 16: Not So Noisy! 
Kids like to make noises. Learn about and listen to different noises animals make. 
November 29, 30: See Ya Later Alligator!
Visit animals and learn some common English expressions that come from them. The lion's share, raining cats and dogs, monkey business, cat naps, hungry as a bear, cry wolf, and have a tiger by the tail!