John Ball Zoo

Fall Classes 

Make science come alive for your students this fall! These 2 hour, 1 day classes provide students in Kindergarten through 8th grade opportunities to focus on different science standards while having a blast exploring different aspects of the Zoo! Class sizes are limited to 10 students to provide a safe environment. Classes are offered multiple times througout the fall. Feel free to try 1 or sign up for the series of 3. The classes will attempt to spend as much time as possible outside in open pavilions, the Zoo, and/or Park spaces. 

Classes* are $25/Member and $30/Non-Member 

*Vet Class for 6th-8th grade Price: $30/Member and $35/Non-Member to cover supplies used during course. 

Kinder-2nd            Animal Exploration

Discover the amazing world of animals at John Ball Zoo! We'll explore everything from senses to the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates as well as the different habitats our favorite critters find to hide and build their homes. Students should be in Kindergarten-2nd grade. We ask that you only sign up for each class 1 time over the fall season. 

Animal Senses - How do the five senses help animals survive? We'll discover just how important the senses are to life in the wild and which animals have some of the best sight, smell, and hearing!

Classification - Discover the world of classifciation. We'll go on safari to  learn how to identify the 5 vertebrate groups and even check in on some of our spineless friends. 

Habitats - Explore the different places around the globe that animals make their home. Learn how different animals adapt to living in different habitats. We'll focus on some of our local habitats and the animals found there while also visiting a few found on the other side of the globe!



3rd-5th Grade                      Zoo STEM

Learn how animals act as engineers and how we engineer environments and toys for the animals in our care! Students should be in grades 3rd-5th grade. We ask that you only sign up for each class 1 time over the fall season. 

Penguineering - Discover how animals are engineers as you learn how Magellanic Penguins build nests for their babies each year. This class also highlights bird classification and focuses on the variety of habitats of penguins found around the world. Students become animal engineers as they construct their own nests and test them against the natural elements!

Exhibit Design - Creating a natural habitat for the animals in our care takes a lot of work and collaboration. Learn what it takes to build a new animal exhibit and then create one of your own! Students will create their own new animal exhibit while working through the Engineering Design Process. 

Enrichment Design - Think of this as toymaking for the animals. Enrichment is used to bring out an animal's natural behaviors. Zookeepers are constantly coming up with new ways to deliver food, create structures to move/play on, and simulate a natural environment. We'll challenge students' imaginations and engineering skills as they create prototypes for new enrichment for our animals here at John Ball Zoo. 



6th-8th Grade                    Zoo Careers

Learn about a variety of Zoo Careers by exploring and talking with the experts to learn about different animal-related careers in the Zoo field. Each class will highlight a different career. Students should be in 6th-8th grade. We ask that you only sign up for each career 1 time over the fall season. *Please note these classes are identical to the ones offered this past summer. 

Intro to Zookeeping - Learn the ins and outs of being a Zookeeper! Collect data, talk with keepers, and investigate the diet of one of our animals at the Zoo. 

Jr. Zoo Vet - Keeping all of the Zoo animals healthy is a big job! Adventure with us as we discover how our vet team takes care of all of our creatures, great and small. 

Animal Researchers - Do you have what it takes to be an animal researcher? Learn how to set and check live traps, collect data, and observe animals in their natural habitat. 


Safety Precautions

Class sizes are strictly limited to no more than 10 participants. We ask that all participants come with their own mask and are familiar with how to wear it correctly. Participants will be asked to wear their mask for periods of time when going into buildings, or in situations where they may be closer than 6ft to fellow participants or the public. Please read all confirmation material carefully for further information regarding safety screening for participation in the class. This may include answering questions about activity in the week(s) prior to attending, as well as temperature checks at the time of drop-off. If a child is unable to participate due to illness a full refund will be available.