John Ball Zoo

Summer Classes

Zoo Adventures

Start your day with the Zoo animals! These 2 hour classes (8:30am-10:30am) provide kids going into 1st-6th grade an opportunity to be the first to greet the animals for the day. Expect to enjoy a trek into the Zoo to explore a specific area, see two ambassador animals up close, as well as opportunities to explore the park and pond areas. Socially distanced games and/or crafts may also occur. The majority of the program will be spent outside in open pavilions, the Zoo, and park grounds. Students should be entering 1st-6th grade this fall. *Please note the same grade level classes are offered twice per week, this is the same class, we encourage kids to sign up for only 1 class per week. 

Member Fee: $25/child/class
Non-Member Fee: $30/child/class
July 6-10 - Primate Party - Join us for an amazing party! Learn all about different primates from Africa to South America. We'll learn the difference between monkeys and apes, what they eat, and adaptations that help them survive! 
Monday or Wednesday - 1st-3rd Grade
Tuesday or Thursday - 4th-6th Grade
July 13-16 - Penguin Pals - Waddle on over to the Zoo to meet a superstar of the bird world, the penguin! We'll discover what makes penguins amazing and meet some other feathered friends along the way. 
Monday or Wednesday - 4th-6th Grade
Tuesday or Thursday - 1st-3rd Grade
*More classes to be added soon!
Saftey Precautions: Class sizes are strictly limited to no more than 10 participants. We ask that all participants come with their own mask and are familiar with how to wear it correctly. Participants will be asked to wear their masks for brief periods of time when going into buildings or in situations where they may be closer than 6ft. to fellow participants or the public. Participants will not be asked to wear masks during activities that occur with safe social distancing. Zoo exploration will be done during the first portion of the class so that interaction near general Zoo visitors is kept to a minimum. Please read all confirmation materials carefully for further information regarding safety screening for participation in the class. This may include answering questions about activity in the week(s) prior to attending as well as temperature checks at the time of drop-off. If a child is unable to participate due to illness a full refund will be available. 



Do your kids love LEGOS? Kids will love the challenge of building a LEGO animal with Bricks-4-Kidz staff while comparing their creations with those that are part of the BrickLive Animal Paradise exhibition. Each class will also see an Ambassador Animal that correlates with their brick animal. Classes will not be entering the Zoo but all participants will receive a Zoo voucher for admission after the class. *Bricks used for the program remain the property of Bricks-4-Kidz, other brick sets are available for purchase in the Zoo. 

Member Fee: $15/child/class
Non-Member Fee: $20/child/class
July 7 - Bird Bonanza
1pm-2:15pm - 6-8 yr olds
2:45pm-4pm - 9-12 yr olds
July 9 - Slithery Snakes
1pm-2:15pm - 6-8 yr olds
2:45pm-4pm - 9-12 yr olds
July 14 - Dabbling Ducks
1pm-2:15pm - 6-8 yr olds
2:45pm-4pm - 9-12 yr olds
July 16 - Frog Friends
1pm-2:15pm - 6-8 yr olds
2:45-4pm - 9-12 yr olds
*More classes to be added soon! 
Safety Precautions: Class sizes are limited to allow for social distancing and each child to work at their own station with their own kit of supplies. Supplies and work areas are disinfected after every use. Classes are currently scheduled to occur outside in an open pavilion. Participants are asked to still bring a mask in case the class needs to be moved to an indoor area due to weather or specific animal encounters, in which case they would be encouraged to wear their mask.