John Ball Zoo

Virtual Safaris

    Join John Ball Zoo educators for a virtual safari! Each safari features a different animal or groups of animals and is fun for the whole family! Safaris are short 20-30 minute programs. Questions are encouraged via the chat function. 

    Sessions Cost $3/Member and $5/Non-Members

    Register  *Please note the Zoo may need to change the specific animal of focus without notice due to animal care or staffing. 

    Winter 2021 - Critter Close-Ups 

    Saturday's, January 9 - March 20 at 10am
    January 9 - Shell-ebrate Turtles! - What's harder than keeping a New Year's resolution? A turtle's shell! Shell-ebrate 2021 with an up close look at some of our native Michigan turtle species. 

    January 16 - You'll Sea-Stars! - Meet the hard to find celebrities of the ocean. You'll see Sea Stars and Limpets, and a Hermit Crab may even come out of its shell in this aquatic exploration of the deep blue sea!!

    January 23 - Lizarding Weekend - They can disappear, stick to walls, and regrow their tails! Is it magic or just the amazing adaptations of the glorious gecko? Join us to learn more about these resilient reptiles. 

    January 30 - Prickle Parade - Hedgehogs, Tenrecs, and Porcupines, oh my! The point is they are amazing and virtual is the safest way to get up close to these prickly pals. (Spiky hair is encouraged!)

    February 6 - Toad-ally Awesome Amphibians! - What makes a poison dart frog poisonous? What do you call a group of toads? Find out these fantastic facts and more! Plus we will have a ribbetting time as we hop behind the scenes. 

    February 13 - I will Owl-ways Love You - Whoooo loves owls? We do! Learn all about these silent hunters and how they turn heads here in Michigan. 

    February 20 - Polly wants the Spotlight - Parrots love attention so this safari is all about them. Even though they are not able to carry a conversation, they sometimes like to have the last word. 

    February 27 - Am I bugging you? - Bugs don't have to bug you. Cockroaches are amazing and diverse animals that do wonders for the environment. Join us to find out why their hairy legs are so important. 

    March 6 - Hawkward or not? - Big or little, birds of prey are very talon-ted. Sharpen your raptor knowledge during this critter-close up without becoming prey. 

    March 13 - For Goodness Snakes Hissss-torically snakes are not everyone's favorite animal but you have to admire their ability to ssssurvive. They can win any staring contest and most like to hug. Zoom in to learn about all of the goodness they provide the environment. 

    March 20 - All Quacked Up - Do you know how hard it is to get your ducks in a row? Splash into spring as we introduce you to some of our favorite feathery friends...chances are they will not be in a row.