John Ball Zoo

Virtual Safaris

    Join John Ball Zoo educators for a virtual safari! See the Zoo from an entirely different view as we explore different geographic areas of the Zoo as well as highlight different ways we help care for our amazing animals. These 30 minute programs include Zoo tours, up-close animal encounters, and interactive presentations. 

    Programs offered every Tuesday & Thursday at 2pm via ZOOM. 

    Sessions Cost $3/Member and $5/Non-Members


    Tuesday, June 2 - Tigers - If you think they're GRRREAT now, just wait! We'll plan to meet our newest tiger Maybelle and talk with a zookeeper who cares for her and our other tigers. We'll learn how great they really are and maybe learn a bit about their different personalities. 

    Thursday, June 4 - Red's Hobby Farm - Spend some time down on the farm getting an up-close look at our favorite goats, sheep, and chickens. Wondering whoooo else we might encounter on the farm? We'll stop by the Barn Owls and take a peek at their noisy neighbors, the Bali Mynah.  

    Tuesday, June 9 - Ambassador Animals - Meet some of our ambassador animals that you may not see on exhibit but catch sneak peeks of throughout the zoo or out in the community. We’ll meet a variety of animals that may include Turnip the striped skunk and Phoenix the Harris Hawk, who we naturally social distance from due to the tools they use to protect themselves!  

    Thursday, June 11 - Bears - Are you smarter than the average bear? Join us as we spend some time with Yogi and Boo Boo, our two brown bears. We may catch a glimpse of the bear habitat from the bear's perspective or watch as a keeper does a training session. You'll learn all the bear-necessities! 

    **Please Note: the Zoo may change the area of the tour due to weather and/or animal availability.