John Ball Zoo

Virtual Safaris

    Join John Ball Zoo educators for a virtual safari! Each safari features a different animal or groups of animals and is fun for the whole family! Safaris are short 20-30 minute programs. Questions are encouraged via the chat function. 

    Howliday Virtual Safari Series

    Don't miss spending some holiday fun with your favorite Zoo animal. Over Winter Break we'll highlight all the fun animals have each day with different enrichment items as our keepers work to keep all of our animals healthy and have opportunities to show off their natural behaviors. Get your front row seat while staying in your jammies, cuddle up with some hot cocoa and enjoy some animal antics! 

    Santa Paws - Red Pandas are pawsitivly adorable! These furry mammals come with their own red suite and white beards. Watch as our three cubs enjoy some fun enrichment behind the scenes with one of our Zookeepers. 

    Happy Prowlidays with the Amur Tigers. This may just be their most wonderful time of year as they romp through the snow. We'll also try to challenge their hunting instincts with a special treat zip line.  

    Slyde through the Holidays with the River Otters. Slyde and Chumani aren't bothered by a little cold water and they love playing with new enrichment items, whether it's a puzzle feeder or maybe something new to dive after. 

    Waddle into the New year with the Magellanic Penguins. We may feel like we're waddling after holiday festivities but the penguins are pros at it! Get an upclose peek of one of our penguins as they enjoy some enrichment time with a keeper behind the scenes.  

    Sessions Cost $3/Member and $5/Non-Members

    Register  *Please note the Zoo may need to change the specific animal of focus without notice due to animal care or staffing. 

    Winter 2021 - Critter Close-Ups 

    Saturday's, January 9-February 27 at 10am. Specific dates and topics coming soon!

    Shell-ebrate Turtles!

    Lizarding Weekend

    Toad-aly Awesome Amphibians!

    Prickle Parada

    You'll Sea-Stars! 

    **Please Note: the Zoo may change the area of the tour due to weather and/or animal availability.