John Ball Zoo

Reciprocal Membership FAQ

What is the Reciprocal Zoo and Aquarium List?

This is a list of institutions that have opted to allow our members to receive free or discounted admission to their facilities in exchange for the same from the John Ball Zoo.

Where can I find the Reciprocal List?

You can view the list on our website or one can be mailed upon request, please call 616-336-4312.

Will the list stay the same for the duration of my membership?

Reciprocal institutions may change their policies at any time. We cannot guarantee that the list in place when you purchase or renew your membership will remain the same for the duration of your membership.

When do zoos change their policies?

Although most zoos and aquariums update their reciprocal policies at the close of the calendar year, some changes may occur during the year. We make every attempt to post updates as quickly as possible, but it is always a good idea to call the zoo or aquarium you plan on visiting beforehand.

Can I bring the same number of guests to reciprocal institutions as I am entitled at John Ball?

The number of guests permitted may vary depending on the zoo or aquarium. Again, it is best to call the institution you hope to visit ahead of time.

Can I use my membership for special events at reciprocal zoos and aquariums?

Many zoos and aquariums will not accept reciprocal memberships for special events.

If I forget my membership card or photo I.D. when visiting a reciprocal institution, do I have to pay admission?

You may have to pay admission. You can try to have the organization call our zoo during regular Membership Office hours (10:00am-4:00pm, M-F, excluding holidays), but this is not a guarantee. You should always have your membership card and photo ID when visiting reciprocal institutions.