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Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Day - August 24, 2019


Join us as we celebrate monarchs in the fall before they take flight for their migration south to Mexico for the winter. Learn about this amazing journey with a public release of tagged Monarchs, crafts and information about how you can help the Monarchs on their journey. Monarch releases will occur on the hour from 10am to 3pm on August 24. Enter your name for a chance to release a Monarch (entries are collected 15 minutes prior to each release at Central Plaza in the Zoo) or purchase a Monarch to guarantee your chance to release one of these amazing butterflies.

Monarch Day 2019 was a great success and we were able to release over 300 monarchs! Remember it may take several months before your tag number will show up in the tracking system. 

Did you release a butterfly at Monarch Day 2018?


Tagged monarchs that are recovered along their spring migration North
are recoreded and a list is published usually in late spring.
To see if your monarch was found by a scientist, visit Monarch Watch.

How You Can Help At Home

Whether it's a stop on their migration route or a summer long home, monarchs need habitat to find food, lay eggs and be a caterpillar. You can help these butterflies by adding milkweed to your gardens or by creating a full butterfly waystation. A waystation has everything butterflies need for their entire life cycle. Milkweed plants play a vital role in the life cycle of a monarch as it is the only plant that eggs will be laid on and that caterpillars will eat! After forming a chrysalis and emerging as a butterfly, they will need nectar producing flowers to feed on until they are able to start the cycle again. To find out more about how you can help visit a Journey North Monarch Butterflies

Animal Sponsorship: Animals! Animals!

Sponsor a Monarch through Animals! Animals!, John Ball Zoo's animal sponsorship program! Our mission is to inspire people to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. We care for more than 1,300 animals representing 200 species. By sponsoring a Monarch today, your sponsorship will support animals at John Ball Zoo as well as animals around the world through our Conservation Fund.

Please consider donating on Monarch Day at the Zoo
to support the care of our animals and of those in the wild!

* Mini monarch finger puppet free with donation while supplies last