John Ball Zoo

Open and Closed Habitats

All open habitats are weather and animal dependent. Openings may vary from day to day. If you wish to view a specific animal please call (616) 336-4300 to confirm if it is viewable.

Viewable Daily

(weather & animal dependent)

American white pelicans
Amur tigers
Bald eagles
Barn owls
Canada lynx
Chimpanzees (may be indoors)
Frogs & Friends
Giant octopus
Golden eagles
Grizzly bears (not viewable due to construction)
Hobby farm animals
Kelp tank
Magellanic penguins
Michigan stream
Mountain lions
Natural treasure's building
North American river otters
Red panda
Snow leopard
Tide pool

Viewable in Warmer Weather

African lions
Maned wolf
Mountain bongos

Not Currently Viewable 

(animals will be out when warmer temperatures are more consistent)

African pied crow
Asian aviary
North American Turtles
Red-footed tortoises
South American boardwalk
Wild Way Trail