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Thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring our community to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Our animal sponsorship program: Animals! Animals!, formerly known as Footsteps to the Future, is essential to our conservation efforts! If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

African Lion

In memory of Lillian Kay Meyer
Gage Lyons
Nathan Cordle
Mia Wood
Denny & Virgi Lyons


African Spurred Tortoise

Karilyn Frederick


Amur Tiger

Connor Cordle
Lisa and Lily Klaasen
Speciation Artisan Ales
Olivia LaChapelle
Joey’s Tavern Family
Sandi Winters
Keyana Adams
Tegan & Dean Carmichael
Charlie Vance
Jim Kenny
Amanda Coney
The Corbin Family
Lydia Rushman
Brianna Seese
Brianna Seese
Youngman Family
Elizabeth “Biz” Krajacic
Frontline Bible Church Children's Church
Brianna Seese
Anna Tank


Bald Eagle

Grace Harbor Kids
Easton Lyons
Steve Orlando
Walt Wheeler
Integrated Packaging Machinery
Meredith Vance
Helen and Tim Prindle
Patricia Jo Sweetland
Frontline Bible Church 3rd to 5th Grade Class

Black-Footed Cat

Carla A. Tuma

Canada Lynx

Jill Stankowski
Linda DeJong



Kevin, Andrea, and Brian Jacobson
In honor of Fran Miller
Joyce Halter
Dan and Juli Fischer
Dr. Amelia Kenyon
Lauren Gibbons
Jim and Laurie Emelander
Fisher Lyons
Gas Pedal Customs
Veronica Chase
Oliver Nelson Lindeman
Avery and Peyton Anderson
Alexander Hartmann
Elyse Paul
Emma Siver
Isabelle Kastenholz
In memory of Scot R. OConnor
Megan Conen
Joey VandenBosch
Brent, Stephanie & Ethan Clark
Cisler Family
Shelly Kennedy
Victoria Shin

Chilean Flamingo

Mary Gallagher-Eustice
Charlie Werth


Chrisje and Rob Stam
Beth & Dale Hotelling
Young Fives at Milestones Child Development Center


Cotton Top Tamarin

Joshua Murphy


Eastern Bongo

Isabelle Kastenholz
Karen Freihofer
Brian & Hannah Werth
In honor of Joan Ryskamp


E. Massasauga Rattlesnake

Lily & Lisa Klaasen


Grizzly Bear

Logan VerStrate


Kaup's Caecilian

Peter & Diana D'Arienzo


Linne's Two-Toed Sloth

Emma Millard
Sara Rowan
Sara Mussman


Magellanic Penguin

Elaina Young
Charlie Lyons
Violet Breyer
Jennifer Salisbury
Grace Ward
Alicia Zinn
Jayda Adams
Integrated Packaging Machinery
Miles Thrasher
Rex Moore
Frontline Bible Church Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Classroom
Hayley Moore
Niki Collins


Maned Wolf

Kensey Dever
Gail Muller


Monarch Butterfly

Sophia Frederick
The Strands

North American River Otter

Northern Hills Middle School
Lisa and Lily Klaasen
Sherri Rogers
Deborah Brown
Tim and Helen Prindle
Laelia Ruiter
Patty Sweetland
Emmett Vance
Integrated Packaging Machinery
Samantha Mae Hartman
Celebration! Cinema South Employees
Renee Zolynsky
Hudson VerStrate
AppleTree Walker East Infant 2
Kristine Nylaan
Waalkes family
Andrea Whittaker
Nakeeta Harris
Kyren Flowers
Caitlin, Leo and Todd
Macy Gross
Stephanie Deemer


Nubian Goat

Dale Johnson & Jake Douma


Laura C. Coombs
Integrated Packaging Machinery

Red Panda

Frontline Bible Church (Middle School Kids)
Olivia Maxim
Ross & Darci VanderKlok
Jon & Joyce Bower
Jon & Joyce Bower
Elizabeth Gallagher
Tom Gould
Heather Naugler
The Alexander Family
Michael & Luke Deter & Nana Debbi
Michael & Luke Deter & Nana Debbi
Ellen Collins
Brady Andrzejewski
Emmons Lake 4th Grade
Patricia Jo Sweetland
Le bon Macaron
Kelly Toland
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School
Saranac Elementary
Elizabeth VandenBosch
Mia Jafari
Victoria Shin
Mrs. Tiemeyer's class- Vista Charter Academy
Tiffany Krystoff
Lori Kerlin
Hazel Vance
Charlotte Toland + Le Bon Macaron
Payton and Kenzie Clay
Celebration! Cinema South Employees
Maureen Messink
Ava Johnson
James A. Wright
Pinewood Middle School
Gavin Harding
Ethan Friske
Lillian Staudacher
Teodor Ferguson
Dr. June Hillelson
Integrated Packaging Machinery


Amanda Black
Greg Bassett
Grant Pecor
Donald Andree III
John Schury
Mike Wandrie
Jonah Steenbergh
Amanda Schaefer
Wren Schamper
Ellie Everett
Abigail Blackman
Ashley Shackelton
Cameron Cole Grassmid
Kristen & Nathan Hellwig
Sara Bower
Emma Byler
Izzy Metcalf
Hannah Postema
Arvin Heilman
Desmond Temple
Sue & Lou
Isaiah Chuhran
Rebecca Napoleoni
Kenzie & Payton
A. Anderson
Kendall Banks
Mike and Sue Keil Family
Isabelle Kastenholz
Alex Boven
Marissa Hassevoort
Steve Kirchhoff
Parker "meine Schnecke" DeWitt
Alicia Dennis
Ryland Perry
Mary Francois & Matt Layher
Anji Bachler
Jeff "Catman" Kelly
Sarah, Charlie, and Emily Jespersen
Lily McCormick
Haley Reynolds
Alex Wilson
Bethann Ogle
Rylan Ash
J VanDyke
Chase Van Bergen
Carter Van Bergen

Snow Leopard

Kaylee Cordle
Maggie Breyer
Pepi Ferguson
Dave & Patty Kirby
Meghan Bonney
Youngman Family
Martha Yocum
Celebration! Cinema South Employees
Shield Insurance Agency
Athrun Ruiter
Greta Vance
Integrated Packaging Machinery
Gordon Poest
Gavin Wood
Commissioner Stan Ponstein
Lily and Lisa Klaasen


South American Tapir

Matthew Heitmeier
Michael and Kristine Angers
Richard & Barbara Hankins
Summer Solstice Party 6/23
Rosalie and Theo Kelly
Evelynne and River Batenburg
Michael Heitmeier

South American Tapir

Michael & Kristine Angers
The Brouwers Family
Peter & Diana D'Arienzo
Sam & Marilyn Ellison
Joyce Halter
Chris & Allan Koch


Southern Ground Hornbill

Jana Pisani



Emma Millard
Sara Rowan
Sara Mussman



Youngman Family
Orlando Family


Michael & Andrea Cox
Alan J. Lacey
David & Lyn Veldt





Updated: 12/1/2018

Your support directly helps the Zoo care and feed our animals, but also supports conservation programs near and far. Thank you for directly impacting more than 2,200 animals representing more than 200 species at John Ball Zoo.