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Thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring our community to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Our animal sponsorship program: Animals! Animals!, formerly known as Footsteps to the Future, is essential to our conservation efforts! If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

Bald Eagles

Frontline Bible Church 3rd to 5th Grade Class
Nathan Cordle
Patricia Jo Sweetland
Micahel Kelly
Tim and Helen Prindle


In loving memory of Suzanne Mumbrue
John and Jodi Yenchar
Alexander Hartmann
Allie McElroy
Caiden, AJ, & Nora Swartwood
Carley and Michael Vosburg
Emilia Sinn
Ethan Hess
In Memory Scot R OConnor
Isabelle Kastenholz
Kevin & Pam Beswick
Konlee Gundy
Logan VerStrate
Oscar Adolphson
Tim and Helen Prindle
Lauren Denharder


Jim Emelander and Laurie Zarzecki Emelander
Megan Torrey
Ryan Chenoweth


Young Fives - Milestones Child Development Center 
Beth & Dale Hotelling
Eastern Bongos
Brian & Hannah Werth


Kate Klemp
Gracie Kay Raap
Mary Gallagher -Eustice


Kelly Latimer
Mike Resterhouse
Rob Kumpf
Quinn Brummel

Golden Eagles

Michael & Andrea Cox
Ground Hornbill
Jana Pisani
Kelp Forest Tank
Darcie Wilson


Nickle Pickle


Lucas Yenchar
Emily Barron
Collier Family
Denny & Virgil Lyons
Melissa Vanderzee
Izzy Metcalf
Mary Broene
Nathan Cole Bylsma
Bryn Moran
Gavin Brummel
Brayden Crego
Andrew & Alexandria Harpold
Allison Long
Lily McCormick
Grant Pecor
Dawn Perkins
Adleigh Venhuizen
Erin Aldrich
Melissa Vanderzee
Mia Wood
Paisley Jane


Dana Michigan
Isabelle Ellison
Owen Knappen
Sophia Snell
William Anderson

Maned Wolf

Abigail Blackman
Carrie R. Rhein
Gail Muller
Kinsey Dever
Monarch Butterflies
Ellie Mae Haas
In Memory of Ashlee Elizabeth Sweetland


Amanda Poli
Stephanie Brown
Andrea Whittaker
Connor Cordle
Glenna N
In Memory of Ashlee Elizabeth Sweetland
Patty Sweetland
Sunny Sjaarda
Tim and Helen Prindle
Waalkes family



Charlie Werth
Jamie Clark


Olivia Gundrum
AppleTree Walker East Pedal Room
Alicia Zinn
Drew Sheldon
Frontline Bible Church Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Classroom
Integrated Packaging Machinery
Hayley Moore
Kevin Niehoff O.P.
Lucille Adolphson
Luke Thiede
Miles Thrasher
Niki Collins
Piper Q Davidson
Rose Adams
Sara Youngman
Tegan & Dean Carmichael

Red Pandas

Ryland Perry
Raine Yenchar
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School Class of 2027
Saranac Kindergarten Class of 2032
Izzy Schaap
Amelia Marie Johnson
Ariana Allen
Brian, Jenny, Amelia and Lincoln Maxwell
Caroline & Olivia Mundt
Charlotte Toland + Le Bon Macaron
Cindy Herrmann
Dr. Geoffrey Lam & Dr. Robyn Sackeyfio
Dustin Kirkendall
Emily Erin McIntyre
Emmons Lake 4th Grade
Frontline Bible Church (Middle School Kids)
Gabrielle Lobdell
Heidie Neyer
Henrik Rosberry
Jon & Joyce Bower
Kaylee Cordle
Mia Jafari
Mrs. Tiemeyer's class- Vista Charter Academy
Olivia Maxim
Owen Burda
Patricia Jo Sweetland
Payton and Kenzie Clay
River Martin
Ross & Darci VanderKlok
Samantha Howard
Sandra Moore
Tiffany Krystoff


Brendan McRoberts


Sara Mussman
Snow Leopard
Emmon Lakes Elementary
Gavin Wood
Gordon Poest
Jeff (Corey) Johnson
Jerry Calderon and Leslie Suelter
Knox and Chanin Ritter
Marlise Clements
Micah Keith
Shield Insurance Agency
The Ekhande Family

Snowy Owl

Nicki and Joe
Linsey Penland
Dawn Perkins


Richard & Barbara Hankins
Veronica Chase
Dwight Peceny


Kelly Karr
Addy Oakes
Merliee Wilson
Elizabeth “Biz” Krajacic
Frontline Bible Church Children's Church
Jason Kenyon
Jedidiah Cruz
Jim Kenny
Joey’s Tavern Family
Lydia Rushman
Mark Taylor
N, E & A Reynolds
Patricia Lou Burgess
Rachel Marlatt
Vivaan Putcha
Wells Neckers


Darci Vander Klok
Luke Thiede


Isabelle Gundrum





Updated: 12/1/2018

Your support directly helps the Zoo care and feed our animals, but also supports conservation programs near and far. Thank you for directly impacting more than 2,200 animals representing more than 200 species at John Ball Zoo.