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Thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring our community to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Our animal sponsorship program: Animals! Animals!, formerly known as Footsteps to the Future, is essential to our conservation efforts! If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

Ambassador Animals

Sara Youngman

Bald Eagles

MaeLynn Kamstra
Brent, Stephanie & Ethan Clark 
Veronica Chase 
Harrison Franzen 
Michael Kelly


In loving memory of Suzanne Mumbrue
Stephenie Rahn
Ethan VanderWagen
Samantha Yor
Natalie Lobdell
Brad, Rachel, Elise, and Lilly Bower
Cathy Kersting

Black Footed Cat

Katie Winchel


Kathy Dally
Mike D.
Lamarius Hayes
Dan Urson
Jim and Laurie Emelander


Beth & Dale Hotelling
Diane St. Pierre 


Chrisje Stam

Mountain Lions

Liz Bayne

Eastern Bongos

Alyssa Darby
Brian, Hannah, & Charlie Werth


Eloise Beeney


Mary Gallagher-Eustice
Danny & Lucy Lynn
Kate Klemp

Giant Anteater

Lindsey Kult


Dale Johnson and Jake Douma
Isabelle Kastenholz
Ann & Dave Gass
Cairn Green
Dana Poulin

Golden Eagles

Michael & Andrea Cox

Ground Hornbill

Jana Pisani

African Lions

Stuart Krieg
MaeLynn Kamstra
Spencer Jay Meyer
Brayden Crego
Lily McCormick
Grant Pecor
Dawn Perkins
Adleigh Venhuizen
Izzy Metcalf
Allison Long
Jim and Connie Doorn Stevens
Ellen Collins
Bryn Moran
Nathan Cole Bylsma
Mary Broene
Andrew & Alexandria Harpold   

Canada Lynx

Christi Clark
Chrisje Stam
Lauren Denharder
Marley Ann Johnson   

Maned Wolf

Gail Muller


Gabrielle Lobdell
Tim and Helen Prindle
Addy Oakes
Mike Resterhouse
Maggie Meyers
Melanie Hutchinson
Danny & Lucy Lynn
Deborah DeVoe   

North American River Otters

Lori McDiarmid
Cameron Harper Mulder
Ryleigh Kuipers
Rachel Gorman
Aidan Michael Avillion
Christy Healy
Sunny Sjaarda
Michael Halbany
Oliver Sage
Courtney Grabman
Oscar Adolphson
Tim and Helen Prindle
Laine Knapp
Kristen Wildes
Fred & Laura Swartwood
Amanda Monks
Brecken Nykamp
Ronald Rossi
Chase Zehr
Kaylie Wierda
Gabriel Musser
Olivia Farrington
Baker Family
Emily Barron
Lori Koorndyk
Denise Lange
Juan and Carmen Morales
Waalkes Family


Magellanic Penguins

Timothy "Pa" Geahan
Alyssa Morren
Morgan VanderWagen
Paisley & Paxton Lauderdale
Nicklas Stehr
Jack Flermoen
Chris Monks
Integrated Packaging Machinery
Benjamin Weiss
Luke Thiede

Red Pandas

Henrik Roseberry
Duy VU
Charlotte Toland
Linda DeJong
The Bolsby Family
Lori Johnson
Stacy Coleman
Juan and Carmen Morales
Elisa Wildfong
Kristen Lee
Sharron Reynolds-Elderkin
Samantha Howard
Charlotte Toland + Le Bon Macaron
Kenzie McHenry
Vivan Reaume
Avalon Monks
Barbara and Michael Waldschlager
Tim and Helen Prindle
Girl Scouts Troop 76346
Kurmas Family
Around the world
Lucia Krieg
Liam and Levi VanHaren
Hallie Thomas
Marcy Morren
Hope Turner
Sra. Jen and Sra. Vanderzee's Class
Jon and Joyce Bower
Charlotte + Le Bon Macaron
Jackie Danielson
Rick Centilli
Derek Bylsma
Travis Mix
Adrianna Scarlett Avillion
Grayson Goorley    

Three-Toed Sloth

Quinn Brummel


Amanda Sinning


John and Rene Darling


Kevin & Wendy Cammet
Ryland Perry

Snow Leopards

Matthew T. Gilmore
Shield Insurance Agency
Emmons Lake Elementary
Noa Hibbard
Heather Naugler
Randy Merritt & Family
Brian Raymor
Chris Baker
Ty Ziegler
Kathy Freeman
Oliver Franzen
Rachel Shea
Isaac Lilly
Bryan Saunders
Knoor Family
Dorothy Carriero
The Ekhande Family
MaeLynn Kamstra
Torno Family
Brian Nylaan
Jackie Johnson
Linda DeJong

South American Tapir

Virginia Van Andel
The Bishop Family
Pam Beswick
Knizner Family
Kelly Karr
Dwight Peceny

Amur Tigers

Nolan Boyer
Meles Family
Aleah Vanderzee
Judah Hibbard
Maxwell Sage
Montana Armstrong
Lucille Adolphson
Michael Coyne
Melanic Hutchinson
Juan and Carmen Morales
Corinne Sisson
Tom Campbell
Jaydyn Rogers
Kelly Karr   


Tegan & Dean Carmichael
Ethan Reaume
Lydia Vanderstelt
Cody Heckman
Gavin Brummel

Toco Toucan

Sara Bower
Theo McGeorge


Renaissance Public School Academy 3rd & 4th Classes





Updated: 12/1/2018

Your support directly helps the Zoo care and feed our animals, but also supports conservation programs near and far. Thank you for directly impacting more than 2,200 animals representing more than 200 species at John Ball Zoo.