John Ball Zoo

Beyond the Ticket Donors

Thank you! Your generous support of John Ball Zoo makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission. Listed are 2016 Beyond the Ticket supporters. If your name was omitted please accept our sincere apology and bring it to our attention at 616-336-3309 or




Emily and Chris Beggs
Brigitte and Lori Bruggema
Chuck and Mary Jo Burpee
Jon and Nichole Chuchvara
Betty Cudworth
Marilyn and John Dooge
Vita and Daniel Eizans
Karilyn Frederick
Justin and Carrie Grill
Carol Hennessy and Kenneth Nysson
Bill and Carolyn Hineline
Robert Hughes and Kristi Demock
Andrew and Taylor Irwin
Colin and Kristy Irwin
Graham and Sara Irwin
Win and Kyle Irwin
Robert and Sobine Johnson
Bob and Diane Jones
Eric and Kristina Kaminskas
Haig and Ann Kassouni
Thomas and Marilynne Kladder
Robert and Virginia Klinesteker
Jeff and Christine Kocsis
John and Sandra Lowery
Catherine and Eric Mannor
Charleez Company
Old National Bank
Gary and Peg Novosad
Brian and Kris Nylaan
Robert and Beth O'Connor
Christina and Michael Olee
Jennifer Pope
Derrick and Jillian Pyle
Jennifer and Darrell Roelandt
Mary Schaff
Elizabeth and Jonathan Shelley
Carl Strodtman
William and Laura Sullivan
Joseph and Randi Thaler
Kreigh and Monica Tomaszewski
Peter and Laura Sue VanHoesen
David and Beverly Verdier
Gary and Shirley Voogt
John and Kitty Vydareny
Philip and Annica Waalkes
Mitch and Stacey Watt
Bob and Jean Wenzel
Meg and Greg Willit

Matt and Kristy Becker
Thomas Genson and Mark Olson
Sandy and Dave Gibbs
John and Deanna Green
Suzette Harden
John Hunting
Ben and Carey Huyser
Mike and Rachel Mraz
Jill and Ted Patin
Kurt and Pamela Schabes
Susan Schalon
Sunny Sjaarda
Bill Templin and Sergio Romero
Jeremy and Melissa VandenBerg
Aaron VanZyll and Ryan Dengate
Harold and Joanne Voorhees
Steven Wierenga and Greg Graebner
Johnny and Angela Wilcox


Rajene and Gregory Betz
Cathy and Mark Bissell
Ted and Janice Boers
John and Susan Borgman
Leslie Brown
Roger and Sally Ciapara
Alan and Michelle Davis
Linda and Les DeJong
Richard Hansen
Matthew and Sabrina Kind
Gary and Susan Milligan
Daniel and Kathleen Molhoek
Marilyn Titche
Steve and Amy Van Andel


Mimi Cummings


Updated 2/1/2017