John Ball Zoo

Thank you for your support! 

As the 2020 Zoo season has come to a close, we want to say THANK YOU! Your continued support through financial donations, memberships, visits, and in many other ways during this challenging year was amazing.  

2020 Highlights 

We hosted BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise. This was the first time we hosted a traveling exhibition of this size and scope. With its over 1.8 million toy building bricks, it was a favorite of guests and Zoo staff alike!

IllumiZoo – A Glenlore Tale was another first for John Ball Zoo. This nighttime event created illuminating connections between wildlife and wild places in a fun, unique, and magical way.

The adorable meerkats joined the JBZ family. Their new habitat made viewing these busy and curious animals, along with the African cape porcupine, a real treat. Plus, with a focus on our pillar of conservation, the environmentally innovative habitat is one of the first of its kind being designed and built to SITES certification.

Babies! John Ball Zoo had many additions in 2020. We welcomed red panda cubs, armadillo babies, along with cotton-top tamarins, and the adorable Canada lynx kitten among others.

Excitement Building for 2021

The red panda cub triplets! Rose, Ruby, and Willow will be much more agile and viewable by guests on a more consistent basis come spring. They are adorable! We will be announcing a special way to see the girls over the winter so stay tuned!

We also have a number of other exciting events plans that we will be announcing over the winter! 

Zoo Insiders

We will also be bringing back the Zoo Insider video series. Join us as we visit our animals and various areas around the Zoo, talk with keepers, and more with videos and pictures during the winter season. Be on the lookout for the announcement on our Facebook channel and website.

Again, thank you for your amazing support and we look forward to seeing you in spring 2021!