John Ball Zoo

Animal Care Volunteers

Do you have an interest in working with animals or in an animal-related career? Then the Animal Care Team may be right for you! This volunteer opportunity allows you to experience what it takes to care for the animals here at John Ball Zoo. From shoveling animal waste and cleaning animal viewing areas to preparing diets, the animal care team is a wonderful opportunity for those who are passionate about caring for animals. Openings are limited by schedules and staff needs. 


To assist zookeepers (who currently care for approximately 2,000 animals at the Zoo) with many of their day-to-day duties and to continue to provide the highest standard of care for the Zoo's animals

Possible Duties:

  • Prepare animal meals/diets
  • Clean around animal viewing areas
  • Haul feed and bedding materials; stock grain storage areas
  • Clean behind the scenes and keeper work areas of the Zoo
  • Assist our zookeepers in many different ways
  • There will be no direct contact with any exhibit animal! 


Individuals, 18 years of age or older, with an interest in animals, animal care, or animal-related career - no experience necessary! Must be able to commit to the regular, consistent schedule for a minimum of 3 months. If you are in college and only able to volunteer on your summer break, we encourage you to look at our Animal Care Intern opportunities!

Requirements to be an Animal Care Volunteer

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Ability to commit to a weekly shift.
  • Multiple absences may result in removal from placement.  
  • Ability to tolerate the sometimes physically strenuous and demanding requirements of the activities, including activities in all types of weather. 
  • Ability to navigate the zoo and behind the scenes work areas.
  • Understanding that there is no direct animal contact with exhibit animals.
  • Provide a current negative TB test before the start date

When can you be an Animal Care Volunteer

Animal Care volunteers are here in the morning 7 days a week! Even when the Zoo closes in the winter our animals are still here. 

Due to the amount of interest for this assignment we maintain a waitlist of interested applicants. To be kept up to date on opportunities! Apply here

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