John Ball Zoo


Thank you for considering donating your time to John Ball Zoo! We have a range of areas with volunteer team members and all go through the same process to join the team. After filling out an application, you will complete an online orientation, and attend an in person orientation before you get started. 

Requirements for all Volunteers

  • Ability to communicate with visitors
  • Ability to maneuver to assignment location in the Zoo
  • Successfully complete required background checks 
  • Completion of Orientation 

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Guest Engagement Team

Guest engagement is one of the most important tasks at the zoo, spans multiple departments, and volunteer team members are pivotal to its success. It helps to improve the guests' experience and it is a volunteer favorite too! You will get to choose your own adventure with online scheduling and no weekly requirements. 

Guest Services

  • Greeters
  • In zoo Wayfinding
  • Gift Shop
  • Gem Cart 
  • Central Plaza Guest Assistant
  • After hour events
  • Special events guest service


  • Greeters for Interactive Exhibits
  • Interactive Exhibits*: Hobby Farm, Wallabies, Budgie Bird Aviary
  • Storyteller: Stationed in a specific area of the zoo you will engage in conversation with guests about a specific topic!
    • Animals: tell the individual story of our animals, their journey and how guests can help. 
    • Conservation Initiatives: educate guests through the stories of our conservation initiatives here at the zoo, and how they can make a difference. 

Animal Team

  • Ambassador Animal Handling*: Providing an opportunity for guests to get up close and connect with our ambassador animals, and their conservation message. 

Requirements for Guest Engagment Roles

  • Complete assignment specific training
  • *Indicates assignments that require yearly TB test
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Did you know that John Ball Zoo's mission is to get people actively involved in conservation of wildlife and our natural environment? If working in the zoo is not for you but you are ready to jump into some conservation this area is for you. 

  • Summer 2022 positions coming soon!

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Working behind the scenes of the zoo you see on your visit is our Operations team, although they do not always directly interact with our guests they have a huge impact on the success of our zoo team. If working out of the spotlight to make the magic happen is what you are looking for, this is the place for you!

  • Warehouse: from the treasures you find in the giftshop, to chicken tenders for food service, or getting the zookeepers meals for the animals, the warehouse is the heart of it all. Volunteers help in the warehouse and with deliveries into the zoo. 
  • Shuttle Driver: Do you have a CDL license and looking to help at the zoo? We utilize shuttles to transport guests to our Treehouse rental facility. If you are interested in the shuttle driver position please reach out to at 

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Animal Team

Working behind the scenes to help support our animal care team volunteers work in a variety of assignments found in multiple departments. Please click on the assignment to see the detailed description for more information including age and

 commitment requirements. 

  • Animal Nutrition*
  • Enrichment Building
  • Behavioral Observations 
  • Keeper Help* 
    • Under the direction of the zookeeper you will help get the zoo ready for guests in the morning. It is important to note that volunteers never have direct contact with animals. 

Requirements for Animal Team Volunteers

  • Ability to commit to position attendance requirements
    • Most often 4 months with a weekly commitment for a total of 18 shifts. 
    • Multiple absences may result in removal from placement.  
  • Ability to follow area protocols
  • Understanding that there is no direct animal contact with exhibit animals.
  • COVID vaccination is highly recommended but not required
  • *Indicates assignments that require yearly TB test

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